Why I Chose to Study Abroad for Art History

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Art history is a somewhat unconventional major for students to choose today, but art has always fascinated me. I have been painting and drawing for most of my life, and I wanted to learn more about the original artists such as Michelangelo, Leonardo daVinci, Vincent van Gogh and more.

Europe has centuries upon centuries of historical and ancient civilizations with a plethora of art to study and learn. My family was shocked at first but was incredibly supportive as they had always been when it came to my art. Thus began my journey with the University of Cambridge in Cambridge, England.

New Country, New Sights and All Alone

I was incredibly nervous and terrified to be in a different country away from my family. I had lived in Florida all of my life, and never traveled anywhere. My family had helped with all of the arrangements including my student visa, a small flat for myself as well as changing my currency to pounds sterling.

The University offered a wide array of support for their international students, and I was no exception. They assigned native students to help me with my transition to the university as well as in town. My anxiety eventually dissipated and I was revelling in the new sights and sounds.

Adapting to a New Time Zone While Studying

Being in Cambridge, I was five hours ahead of my family, so we had to plan our weekly calls accordingly. I was busy with my studies and activities, and my family was always excited to hear about my week. I began to make wonderful friends, and we went out around the city frequently as there was always something happening. I frequented the art galleries as much as I was able, inspired by the local artists as well as the works of artists from the past.

New Ways of Travel

I traveled by train frequently to various historical locations accessible for me to further my studies into art history. The infinite amount of museums and galleries astounded me and fascinated me at the same time.

Seeing original works of art and learning from the curators increased not only my knowledge but also my passion for art. The longer I was there in Cambridge, the more I honestly felt that my studies would have never been this fruitful in the United States.

Traveling to Other Countries in the Name of Art

While studying at Cambridge, I was given the opportunity to travel to France, Italy and various places in the UK to visually study works of art. My family loved to hear me talk about the places I visited and I shared with them the knowledge I had obtained from my studies and trips.

When I returned home, I was an expert in my field and desired to learn even more. I wanted to teach future art history students about these fantastic sights and works of art I was able to visit and learn from personally.  It was indeed a once in a lifetime experience.